military stories

Apparently, if you want to demolish a house in Kasota, Minnesota all you need to do is call Drive-A-Tank. They let us regular folks take tanks for a spin around town and maybe even crash through a home or two. Check out the video below to see the destruction from start to finish.
The military has been investing in several different kinds of fancy bullets over the last few years, from bullets with smart microgrenades to bullets with fins that can steer to their target. And in order to be able to use the right bullet for the right task, the Army wants a gun that can custom-select ammo at hundreds of rounds per minute.
Cables are the bane of the existence of everyone with more than just one or two gadgets, and it seems like we're going to be stuck with them as long as wireless charging remains at the novelty stage. Luckily, we're surrounded by cables almost all the time (in the form of clothing), and electrifying those could be an easy way to pipe electricity to literal pocket chargers.
Your Mom may still love driving a Humvee to the mall, but the military has different needs for its combat operations these days. Some 20 years after the Humvee first rolled out, the military is now entering the second phase of the project to choose its successor.