military stories

A Canadian company called Hyperstealth says that it's developed a wearable cloak that uses "Quantum Stealth" technology to provides complete invisibility across the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet spectrum by bending light around objects. We're pretty sure that this is mostly or entirely not true, so stick with us while we explain why we're so skeptical.
The EMP grenade, or electromagnetic pulse grenade, is a sci-fi gaming staple. Toss one of 'em at the nearest evil robot or uncooperative computer system, and it'll generate a power surge that fries all electronics within range. The military has realized that this would be a handy real-life capability, and the Pentagon is asking someone to go out and invent one.
Lasers are the future. Of everything. From food to medicine to rainbows, lasers can do it all. As every science fiction movie ever will attest to, the absolute coolest thing that lasers can do, of course, is blow stuff up, and this is why Boeing is making a truck into a mobile laser weapon system.