military stories

Lasers are the future. Of everything. From food to medicine to rainbows, lasers can do it all. As every science fiction movie ever will attest to, the absolute coolest thing that lasers can do, of course, is blow stuff up, and this is why Boeing is making a truck into a mobile laser weapon system.
If you plan on steaming a huge Navy ship around the globe, it's going to need a lot of fuel to keep it running. That's a problem when you're thousands of miles from home in hostile waters. But what if you could simply make your own fuel using the seawater that surrounds you? That's what the U.S. Navy wants to do, using a two-step process that turns seawater into jet fuel.
Man has long warred against man, bringing all manner of bloody machination to rend the opposition limb from limb. For as long as man has been capable of throwing stones, he has also brought with him all manner of beast. You will likely recall stories of courageous horses, mules, dogs and perhaps carrier pigeons, but animals have "enjoyed" far stranger uses in battle. Here, commonplace creatures have been called upon to fulfill the strangest of roles. Here's our list of the 17 strangest, most under-sung animal war heroes ever called to battle.