microsoft stories

Xbox Music launched today on Xbox 360. The streaming music service is similar to Spotify in functionality and pricing ($10 a month for premium service). Later this month it will expand onto Windows 8, and the service will find its way onto Windows Phone 8 shortly after the platform's expected launch in early November.
Within the last year or two, it's become clear to those of us who spend way too much time hanging around tech conventions that gesture recognition is trying hard to be the Next Big Thing in computer interaction. Beyond Kinect, you've got both Leap and Edge3 trying to gesturize our gadgets, and now Microsoft has developed a wearable system that bypasses gadgets entirely.
Atari and Microsoft have announced a relaunch of eight video game classics for the Web and tablets. Asteroids, Pong, Missile Command and more are getting a makeover from existing Flash versions to HTML 5 to showcase the latest Web and tablet technologies. No need to search for quarters though, they are available free in the Atari Arcade.