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Keep in mind these figures are subject to change, but the sources are a leaked internal memo from Microsoft and retail listing blunders, so chances are you can take this to the bank: The Kinect will find its way into a bundle with the Xbox, be sold on its own, and the new Xbox should land sometime in the fall.
Today, as rumored, Microsoft unveiled its new version of the Xbox 360. It has a bigger, 250GB hard drive, Wireless N built right in and a new design, all for the same price as the old version — $299. But here's the real question: did they finally fix the hardware issues that have plagued the Xbox 360 since launch?
It's all but official: a new, slim Xbox 360 is on the way. The news was outed by a leaked ad, but the ad itself mentioned Project Natal's change in name to Kinect before Microsoft did, so it's got a pretty big chance of being the real deal. The new design? It seems kind of, well, dated.
Could you picture doing all of your work — at home or at the office — on an iPad? Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer doesn't think that world will come true. While he does think the shape of computing will change, he maintains "I think people are going to be using PCs in greater and greater numbers for years to come."
Citing hacking vulnerabilities, Google has announced that the company will no longer use Windows-based computers. All incoming employees get two choices instead: Macs with OS X or PCs running Linux. That's some pretty rough news for Microsoft, no doubt. Google...