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The Internet has been alive with "reviews" of a developer's sample of a Samsung smartphone running Windows Mobile 7 (aka Windows Phone 7 or WinMob7 or WM7), Microsoft's latest mobile operating system. Most reports have generally been positive, but none of them will mean much in the real world filled with recession-afflicted consumers making delicate dollar-dispersement decisions. The answers to five questions will determine if WM7 will succeed or fail.
There hasn't been widespread excitement over a Microsoft-made phone in a long, long while, but the company aims to change that with Windows Phone 7. Its been sending out preview builds (read: WP7 isn't final yet, so it's all subject to change) and so far, the reception has been pretty good. Can Window Phone 7 stand up to its Apple and Android competitors? Find out what the previewers have loved — and what they're worried about — about the preview device.
A mere six weeks after Microsoft launched its Kin cellphones, they're essentially dead, just as I predicted. What does Microsoft need to know about the ultimate phone for the today's youth? I did an unscientific sample of tech interested teenagers, and found out what they're looking for in a smartphone, and why Microsoft Kin missed that mark.
Microsoft just updated its free Bing app for the iPhone, giving iOS users something they've had, but never this easy: the ability to scan a barcode and get an accurate search result. You could take a picture of, say, the barcode on a can of a soft drink or a digital barcode online, and you'd either be taken to a search of the exact product or a specific page.