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Apple's iPhone sees incredible success because it has iTunes. While many will argue that iTunes has become a bloated and slow piece of software — there is no denying that if it was a Mac OS X only software, there probably wouldn't be as many iPhone owners as there are. Microsoft will finally release a tool that will allow Windows Phone 7 to sync to Macs.
In a couple of hours, Windows Phone 7 will make its big debut. Reviews of the preview build of the OS were generally favorable, but the technology is just the beginning. Cellphones are completely different beasts than they were when Microsoft first entered the mobile market 10 years ago. WP7 is challenged like other major smartphone OS has been. Here's why.
A leaked instruction manual for Microsoft's new motion-controlled camera, Kinect, hit the Web last night and is already spurring a lot of controversy. The graphic shows a requirement of six to eight feet of space needed to set up the system for it to track your body gestures properly. That's a lot of real estate, but there is a rationale, believe it or not.
The Internet has been alive with "reviews" of a developer's sample of a Samsung smartphone running Windows Mobile 7 (aka Windows Phone 7 or WinMob7 or WM7), Microsoft's latest mobile operating system. Most reports have generally been positive, but none of them will mean much in the real world filled with recession-afflicted consumers making delicate dollar-dispersement decisions. The answers to five questions will determine if WM7 will succeed or fail.
There hasn't been widespread excitement over a Microsoft-made phone in a long, long while, but the company aims to change that with Windows Phone 7. Its been sending out preview builds (read: WP7 isn't final yet, so it's all subject to change) and so far, the reception has been pretty good. Can Window Phone 7 stand up to its Apple and Android competitors? Find out what the previewers have loved — and what they're worried about — about the preview device.