microsoft stories

Strange things are happening within Microsoft. The software giant is fighting multiple fronts: PCs, smartphones, gaming and soon, tablets. There's just one tiny problem: fragmentation and a lack of total synergy between its Windows 7/8, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox platforms. A brand new OS that unifies all of those could be Microsoft's savior.
Today, only one in ten individuals is a heavy mobile shopper — but that statistic is likely to change soon. This infographic predicts world e-commerce sales (from your very own smart phone) to be $119 billion by 2015. Here Microsoft lays out stats reflecting our current mobile shopping habits and predicting them for the future. Shopaholics, rejoice!
Microsoft has been claiming that the company won't be unveiling the successor to the Xbox 360 for a couple of years, but word from prominent developer Crytek, which most recently put out Crysis 2, has it that it could be unveiled as soon as next summer.