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If, like me, you're looking to tidy up the entertainment center and cut the amount of boxes you have wired into your TV, then this bit of news might make you smile. The next Xbox might get DVR functions, allowing you to toss TiVo aside, once and for all.
Kinect is expected to branch out into small business and banking in 2012. Now the gaming system's sensors could be adapted as a next generation weight measurement system onboard the International Space Station. It would relay data via 3D modeling, and require less space than the current equipment.
So, today is the original Xbox's 10-year birthday celebration. Wow, it's already been that long eh? Funny, how 10 years ago, many gamers laughed at how Microsoft was the next Sega, but here we are, 10 years later, Xbox 360 sales leading the pack, and next-gen Xbox rumors in tow.