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Not too long ago we showed you 15 of this year's best electron microscope images, delivered unto the world by the Oregon-based microscope makers at FEI. Well, you'd never know it, but there was actually something missing from that gallery: the gruesome and horrifying bug close-ups. DVICE writer and bug-o-phobe Evan Ackerman wouldn't include the gross critters, no matter how amazing and otherworldly they looked. Well, I will. Here are 25 scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of everyone's favorite creepy crawlies like you've never seen them before. How many can you click through before you get the willies? I saved what I think is the weirdest and grossest for last. Now, without any further delay: tonight's nightmares, brought to you by DVICE.
There's a whole world out there that we're incapable of seeing without the aid of very complicated an expensive electronics. On the large scale, we're talking about looking at the universe through telescopes, but it works the other way, too, using things like electron microscopes to explore the inherent beauty of the very, very small.