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Personally, I don't have a porn folder. I've never looked at porn. I don't even know what porn is. Some sort of snack food, I imagine. But from what I hear, people seem to keep a lot of pictures and video of it on their computers, and thanks to these new concepts, you'll be able to feel just exactly how heavy and bloated all those files are.
The Cellulon evoMouse proposes to be the next generation of mousing technology by doing away with the mouse altogether and letting you use your fingers instead. It's a neat idea, but there's no way this thing is going to take over from the peripherals we're used to.
The venerable computer mouse has a problem: No matter how perfect its contours may be, it still could lead to repetitive stress injuries if you use it for too long. That's why one Chicago inventor dared to reinvent the way we point and click, and his novel design is finally for sale.