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Part of what makes HIV such a nasty virus is that it attacks our immune system, which is what we have around to keep viruses from attacking us. We may have just figured out how to keep HIV from exploiting our immune response, meaning that our bodies could fight it off just like any other virus.
Ever since the accidental discovery of penicillin, we've had ways of being able to deal with bacterial infections. With viral infections, like when you get a cold, all we can really do is suck it up and treat the symptoms, but a new type of drug may be able to tackle any virus, even the ones we haven't met yet.
Being sick sucks. And while we can't always cure what ails us, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have figured out where that general feeling of lousiness we get when we're stick actually comes from, and they think they can make it go away.
This only works on mice so far, but researchers have discovered that altering a specific protein in the brain can pinpoint and delete traumatic memories on a molecular level.
Scientists are getting closer to being able to create an image of whatever you're picturing your mind. This is either completely amazing or absolutely terrifying. Maybe a little bit of both.To construct their model, the researchers used an fMRI machine,...
If you hate needles when you need to have blood drawn by a doctor, something tells me that having a robot man the needle instead isn't going to rid you of your phobia. Instead, it might just add a fear...