medical tech stories

For things in your head that are designed to eat stuff, eating stuff seems to be kind of a big deal for teeth. They're always demanding to be brushed and flossed and rinsed and taken to the dentist and whatnot. Japan is having none of this, and scientists there have created tooth armor that can keep you from getting any more cavities.
Ingesting electronics tends to be a bad idea. They don't taste good (except for Android phones) and they can cause issues, uh, later on. Or so I hear. From a friend. These pills, on the other hand, are specifically designed to be eaten, and they operate from inside your body, transmitting medical data straight to your phone.
Yes, it's true: you'll never have to brush or floss your teeth ever again now that a team of researchers from Yale and the University of Santiago have created a new molecule that can completely wipe out cavity-causing bacteria in sixty seconds flat.
There's an arms race going on between antibiotics and bacteria, and bacteria are winning. They've got evolution on their side, and there's a blajillion of them. IBM has been fighting back with bacteria-targeting "polymer ninjas," and they're poised to go beyond medicine and into consumer products.
Mosquitoes, unfortunately, have a valuable place in our ecosystem or something, so going out and nuking all of the little buggers is probably not a good option. The worst part about mosquitoes isn't mosquitoes themselves anyway: it's the malaria parasites that they carry, and genetic modification may have finally solved that problem for good.
Electronic medical implants have worked wonders for lots of people, and we're only just realizing what is potentially possible in the future. What we need, though, is a power source that doesn't involve opening people up and replacing batteries every few years, and these spinal fluid powered glucose fuel cells could make that happen.
Listen up, kids: any problem you'll ever have, ranging all from being fat to (now) being lazy, can be effortlessly be solved by taking drugs. Don't want to exercise? Just inject yourself with some of this new hormone, and you'll be on your way to the gym before you can say "recombinant human erythropoietin!"