medical tech stories

In space, no one can hear you scream. This is a problem, since if you're screaming in space, there's a good chance you desperately need surgery for one reason or another. To address this, the ESA has come up with the fancy little hat that uses augmented reality to turn just about anyone into a skilled surgeon, even in spaaace.
Faced with a society that's getting chubbier by the Twinkie, the Army has been looking for a way to get itself more recruits that doesn't involve (additional) lowering of its physical fitness requirements. So what has the Army come up with? Why, transplanting extra fat cells into the body to make people insta-skinny, of course. I mean, duh.
High up on the list of things that it seems like a very bad idea to swallow are hydrogen-powered rockets. But researchers looking for new ways to deliver drugs inside the stomach have developed little microrockets powered by microbubbles and steered by micromagnets that are apparently perfectly safe to ingest. Yum?
Believe it or not, needles are your friends. They helpfully allow you to stab yourself in order to prevent you from getting sick or dying for one reason or another. But friends or not, it hurts like the dickens, and a new patch made of silk microneedles may be able to deliver all the drugs with none of the pain.