medical tech stories

Drugs are just molecules that are small enough to interact with the cells in your body. We've discovered a lot of them: 67 million unique substances, according to the American Chemical Society. But this is only about one tenth of one percent of the potential drugs out there, so we've definitely got some work to do.
Getting a good amount of exercise is hard work. I mean, that's kind of the point, I guess. But what counts a "good amount?" Twenty minutes a day? Or maybe an hour at the gym, three times as week? Science has spoken, and it turns out that a "good amount" is a lot less than you think. Excuse me, I'll be on the couch.
Did you know that trained dogs can identify breath samples from patients with lung cancer with 98 percent accuracy? We can't yet match the nozzalicious expertise of our canine companions, but we're getting closer, and a company has been able to create a breathalyzer that can chemically sniff out lung cancer almost as well.