medical marijuana stories

The Internet's marijuana sites never left the '90s. They're exemplar of the Web from an earlier time, with tiled clipart as backgrounds and pixelated ads that scream, "Buy now!" The type of folks who frequent these sites tend to meet the How High or Half Baked movie stereotypes: glazed eyes, short attention span, empty bags of Cheetos all around. But today's stoners run the gamut. With the legalization of medicinal marijuana in 16 states and Washington D.C., many more Americans know their way around a bong than ever before. To the unacquainted, websites such as the epileptic High Times can be intimidating. This new generation of pot smokers are looking for a safe, clean website to learn about their medicine. This is where Leafly comes into the picture. To commemorate the tech side of 4/20, we spoke with Leafy's CEO Brendan Kennedy and co-founder Scott Vickers about the company's beginnings, getting Apple to approve a weed app and the reaction the pair gets when they tell people they work for a pot startup.