meat stories

Meat is delicious. And it should be, since we're all natural omnivores.* But there are plenty of good reasons not to eat meat, first and foremost being that chickens and cows and piggies are cute. Meat grown in a petri dish might just be able to make everyone full and happy, as long as we can afford it: the first lab-grown burger will cost a third of a million dollars.
Every once in a while you just want a nice home-cooked meal. When you're sitting at a computer all day like us, take-out is often the preferred choice because it's just a phone call away. But there's a way to cook some delicious beef without ever leaving your desk using the power of USB.
Sometimes, you just want to add the flavor of smoke to your food. Be it ribs, chicken or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, everything tastes better with a bit of that smokey goodness. But what to do when you get...