math stories

A Möbius strip is a curious subject in the field of mathematics. Named after nineteenth century German astronomer and mathematician, August Ferdinand Möbius, Möbius Strips only have one side and one edge — a lot like a bagel. Somehow.
Listen up, kids: stay in school. Learn algebra. It may seem utterly useless, and 415.8 / x = 4.2 percent of the time, it is. But just wait until you're trying to play a game or stream a video over a terrible wireless connection, 'cause with the magic of algebra, you can boost your Wi-Fi speed by a factor of 10 or 20 or more.
The inherent lack of functionality in car door mirrors is baffling. They're designed to do one thing, but since they all have dangerous blind spots, they're doing a consistently terrible job at that thing. A math professor from Drexel has just gotten a patent on a system to fix this: it's not a fancy blind spot detection system, it's just a very clever mirror that doesn't suck.