MARS stories

Elon Musk, who helped launch PayPal, Tesla Motors and most recently SpaceX, is pretty dang serious about getting our asses to Mars. Before Curiosity, colonies on Mars were knocked back to the 2030s — or beyond, even. Now? We may only have to wait "12 to 15 years."
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory couldn't have hoped for a more perfect Mars landing for Curiosity. The complex descent went off without a hitch, and not only did Curiosity start sending postcards from Mars immediately, but the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter had a surprise for the world, too.
It's not often you get to sit and watch history being made, but that's what happened tonight. Curiosity landed on the surface of Mars, inside Gale Crater, with the most complicated and sophisticated landing system ever sent to the red planet. The mission's complexity has been likened to Apollo 11's landing on the Moon in 1969.
Mars is an alien place. In some ways, it's a lot like Earth: there are processes (both geologic and atmospheric) that are continually reshaping the Martian surface. These processes are much, much different on Mars, however, leading to landscapes unlike anything you've ever seen.