MARS stories

Hot on the heels of China's announcement of its plan to launch a lunar rover in 2013 comes this news from India: in 2013, it'll be launching a mission of its own, not to the Moon, but all the way to Mars. Ambitious, to be sure, but India has even bigger plans in the works.
Mars is the new Moon. Any ol' space program can hit up the Moon these days, but the real prize lies with getting a little red sand on your boots. Will that day ever come? Will Wright, creator of games such as SimCity, The Sims and recently Spore, envisions "Marstown," a settlement 8,000 strong in the year 2047.
Before Wernher von Braun designed the mammoth Saturn V rocket that sent Apollo astronauts to the Moon, the German rocket scientist nursed a dream to see men travel to Mars. In the 1940s, he started studying different Mars missions that were ahead of their time but feasible with the technology and techniques he had at his disposal at the time.
NASA is all-systems-go to land its 2,000 pound Curiosity rover on the Red Planet this coming Monday. Want a refresher of what it's all about? NASA has prepared a video covering the Mars Science Lab's approach, landing and operations on the Martian surface, and got none other than William James T. Shatner Kirk to tell you all about it.
NASA-led scientists are busily prepping a menu that future explorers of Mars will be able to take advantage of. Whereas space nosh for orbit is whipped up following tight constraints and is typically bland, NASA research-chefs are able to boldly explore new territory in the realm of interstellar eats.
Want to take a trip to Mars? Well, this post won't help you get there (like this one could), but NASA's tenacious Opportunity rover is keen to offer you a glimpse. The space agency has released a massive panorama of the red planet's surface as the robotic explorer sees it.
Mars Science Laboratory hasn't even managed to get to Mars yet, much less make a successful skycrane landing, but already NASA is hard at work on the next Mars-bound spacecraft: MAVEN, the the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolutio…N orbiter, winner of this year's award for most strained space-related acronym.