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While we've reviewed Apple's latest hardware offering, we're still in the process of getting to know iOS 6. Spoiler: it's got some pretty frustrating changes, most notably Apple swapping out iOS staple Google Maps for its own proprietary Maps app. It's an inferior offering and today Apple is apologizing for it.
NASA has its eyes in the sky keeping track of all kinds of climate and weather happenings. One interesting (and kind of scary) thing the agency tracks is where lightning strikes around the world. NASA has kindly put the data in maps that show the trends so we know where and why lightning is likely to hit next.
Ever wondered how your favorite news sources stack up against one another? Click here to see an interactive map put together by Forbes comparing news outlets and stories shared by state.
I can't tell you how many times I've used Google Street View to look for a specific storefront only to spend precious time fruitlessly clicking arrows and squinting at low-res zooms. I'd much rather use Microsoft's Street Slide, a new search tool that lets you quickly and easily see everything on an entire street, for several blocks, at once.
Online maps are very handy, but they can be cluttered and confusing, especially in dense cities. Bing's new Destination Maps solve that problem by cutting away all the unnecessary data from where you're trying to get. Even better? It'll draw it for you in a number of truly lovely ways.
Who doesn't google with Google? Everyone, right? But, if Microsoft has its way, people will be binging more than they google, and they're updating Bing to tempt folks to give it a shot. Here are a few updates that really...