Maker Faire stories

This weekend, we headed out to San Mateo, CA to check out the 2012 edition of Maker Faire, the giant festival where weird and cool people show off their weird and cool stuff. As you look through the gallery below, you might catch yourself wondering what the point of some of these projects are. Try not to waste too much time attempting to figure it out, since a lot what you'll see at Maker Faire only exists because someone with the right mix of creativity, talent and free time thought that it should. If you don't live around San Francisco, there are Maker Faires and Mini Maker Faires all over the world. Odds are, you can find one near you, just check out this handy map to see where and when you can go see some of these things for yourself.
From fire breathing dragons to 3D printers to lots of folks learning how to solder, Maker Faire NY 2011 only served to highlight our generations strive to create, invent and innovate. Here's a video round up of every cool and weird thing that happened last weekend at the New York Hall of Science.
The era of printing your own plastic action figures, human veins, and even food is finally upon us. After years of prototyping, the cost to build an affordable 3D printer has come down enough so that even regular guys like you and I can bring one home — with a little saving, of course. We scoured Maker Faire NY 2011 this past weekend and were surprised to see that so many small startups were pushing their 3D printers — wowing kids and adults left and right. Here's our pick of the top six 3D printers available to take your cash that are worthy of it to boot.
Maker Faire took place in San Mateo, CA this weekend. If you're not familiar with Maker Faire, it's a place where people who make cool stuff come to show it off. "Cool stuff" is a fairly broad category, and you'll find all kinds of weird and wild stuff at Maker Faire. Most of it isn't for sale, and some of it has no practical purpose at all, but who cares! Here's a gallery of a bunch of the best stuff that we saw over the weekend.
We're no strangers to alien abduction lamps, but these watery structures have gone way beyond mere illumination, practically abducting our minds. Let's let Jason Dietz, the guy who built these masterpieces, explain: These are handmade UFO abduction lamps. They stand...