Luxury stories

When I was in college, Greyhound was a necessary evil. Generally, I just sucked it up and suffered through the three hour trip from Maine to Boston (where the girls were), but it was pretty miserable. Japan, though, has managed to turn bus travel into what looks like first-class air travel, with extreme luxury seat modules that they call cocoons.
When test driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel broke the record for the fastest car in the world behind the wheel of a Bugatti Super Sport, he brought along a luxury watch especially made for the vehicle. The street-legal car hit 267 mph, and the watch's maker, Parmigiani, quickly declared its creation the "fastest" watch on Earth.
No boring flat watch faces for watchmaker Maximilian Busser. Nope, and no boring names, either: this here is the Horological Machine Number 3 Frog, and Busser designed it to "bring a child's sense of awe and sense of playfulness" to...