Luxury stories

Bike riding is a great way to stay in shape while getting to where you want to go without polluting the environment. But what if you're a rich one-percenter who can't stand the thought of mingling with the masses? Then this blinged-out Cadillac Escalade provides an excellent way to stay trim, while your chauffeur drives you around.
Because you like to spit in the face of economic tumult, and you know that every new shiny object brings a geek good luck, this holiday gift-giving season may turn out to be your most extravagant. So here we present to you the finest list of the most unapologetically indulgent gifts sure to break the bank. (Hey, we already showed you the cheap gifts still worth a look, anyway.)
The SonicStar supersonic business jet concept looks like it fell out of the long and pointy tree and hit every branch on the way down. It looks the way it does for a very good reason: it's designed to travel quietly and efficiently at Mach 3.5, which gets you from London to Los Angeles so fast that you'll barely have time to get fed up with the in-flight movie.