lte stories

Researchers at Virginia Tech have asserted that the LTE signal for an area as wide as a city could be disrupted with radio equipment that costs as little as $650. The researchers go on to say that LTE is especially vulnerable to disruption when compared to older 2G and 3G networks.
T-Mobile customers might have the prettiest spokeswoman of any U.S. carrier (Hi there Carly Foulkes!), but it's the last network to get real 4G LTE. With AT&T's failed buyout of T-Mobile behind it, the telecom is now focusing its efforts on building out a 4G LTE network. Too bad it won't come until 2013.
CES, the tech industry's annual orgy of new gear and gadgets, is about two months off, and we're already seeing rumors about what to expect there. One interesting tidbit: AT&T and Nokia may be set to announce the first 4G LTE Windows Phone there.
The iPhone 4S is plenty fast with its dual-core A5 processor (even if each core is clocked at 800MHz), but it doesn't have 4G LTE data speeds, mainly because Apple didn't want its device to suffer from terrible battery life. The crystal ball is now pointing at 4G LTE in the real iPhone 5 next year.
When Sprint first moved towards a 4G network, it settled on WiMAX, which has ended up not catching on nearly as much as LTE has. LTE is the wireless tech that both Verizon and AT&T are building, so now Sprint has decided to follow their lead.
AT&T has lagged behind Verizon in getting its 4G LTE network up and running, instead choosing to advertise its 3G network as a 4G network and hope people didn't ask too many questions. But not for much longer! AT&T should have it's first real 4G phone running on its LTE network by the end of the year.