lord of the rings stories

Emil Johansson of Gothenburg, Sweden decided to create an interactive family tree of LOTR characters in his spare time — and it took this dedicated fan six years to complete his project. But, behold, the awesomest catalog of Middle Earth residents all in one accessible spot (check it out here).
Who are the biggest Lord of the Rings fans in the world? Nope, not the guy who owns every single of the books, movies and dresses up as Gandalf on Halloween. It's not even the folk who had Gollum as their ring bearer in one of the weddings in Four Weddings. That honor now officially belongs to Steve and Christina Michaels, a couple from Montana that love Frodo Baggins and his little Hobbit friends so much that they built a life-sized Hobbit house and an entire miniature Shire to accompany it.
I'm just eye-ballin' it, but I'd guess that Kevin Walter, pictured above, is only a little taller than 5'9". How would I know? Because that Lego masterpiece next to him is five foot nine. Pretty crazy, and crazier still: he made it using 50,000 Lego bricks. That's five times the pieces of that Lego Sandcrawler we saw recently.