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The Logitech Revue was the main piece of hardware available for the initial Google TV rollout. It didn't do well. It did so poorly, in fact, that Logitech won't be making a followup Google TV device.
Did you hear the one about Google TV being a complete dismal disappointment and utter failure? No? Well, Logitech, the product's biggest supporter since launch says that returns for its Google TV Revue box are through the roof. Looks like Google TV is doing way worse than Apple's AppleTV hobby.
Google TV promises to finally, completely, really, once and for all unite Internet video and what most people think of as "TV" into one seamless interface. The first Google TV product, unveiled today, is the Logitech Revue. It looks pretty much the same as a host of other so-called media receivers, but works differently, and in some pretty impressive ways.
If you don't want to buy a whole new TV to enjoy Google TV, this Logitech box will let you hook up to the new Google goodness in no time. The Logitech Google TV Companion is pleasingly small, and connects via an HDMI port and network connection to bring you Google's upcoming enhanced interface for viewing Internet TV.