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Every day, new technology is being developed to make criminal activities more difficult. From predicting crime before it happens to reading minds to new crime scene investigation tools, future criminals are going to have a difficult time getting away with anything. Here's a list of technology that will help fight crime in the future — maybe even the near-future.
In this week's special, giant-sized Olympic edition of Healthy Tech, we look at some of the most interesting tech stories about the Games. In addition, you'll learn about Olympic-sized bandwidth issues affecting people here and in London, learn about some of the tech the athletes and officials use, and we even a list of gadgets that can help you show off your cultural pride.
Technology is a wonderful thing, but in the words of Spider-Man's Uncle Ben, "With great power, comes great responsibility." If we are not careful, the technology we know and love could be used against us, even subtly. In the year 1984, Apple thought IBM was the bringer of "Big Brother." In reality, the technology of today better resembles George Orwell's dystopian vision than a 1980s era PC. Every day we are in the process of becoming a more connected society. With social networks, cloud computing and even more specific, less-thought-about tech such as Internet-connected home surveillance systems, we may find ourselves in a delicate balance of trust and paranoia.
This year we're doing our gift guides a little different. You don't need us to tell you about the iPhone 4S or the Kindle Fire as gift ideas — you already know about those. Instead, we're looking to help connect you with small, geeky designers, or nerdy nothings you could make yourself. There's 105 gift ideas currently, with many more to come.
The first step is acceptance. Finding a great gift for your gal is really hard. There is probably not one woman alive who hasn't experienced the panicked and shifty-eyed stares of a gift giver who came up with an "under pressure" gift of fuzzy socks or a crockpot for the holidays. I understand how it happens. You waited too late, had no clue or you gave her something she said needed instead of wanted. Those gifts just aren't much fun; it's an epic fail and you know it. Think of me as your concierge of cool gifts this year. C'mon, you know your girl. She's a gadget and game loving-fun-tech-freak like you. Together we can pull off some gifts that will both delight her, and relieve you. Everyone should be happy during the holidays. So boys, take notes — and ladies, don't be afraid to drop this list on your man as a little hint.
Decide what you're going to be for Halloween yet? I mean, no pressure or anything, but it's definitely time to start locking that down — especially if you want to roll up to a party in an outfit that cements you as the nerdiest of the nerdy. That means iPhone costumes with functional screens, going as Bobba Fett with a "working" jet pack, or dressing up your helpless kids, babies and pets all in a manner that's horrifying but secretly cool. And all that means serious planning, because you won't be able to make any of these in just a night. So step inside and we'll help you brainstorm with 67 costume ideas for tech geeks from Halloweens past, pulling from a wide variety lists that were published here on DVICE.
It's been said that Google might someday take over the world. With its tendrils reaching into everything from phones to TV, it can pretty much go anywhere it wants to go. But perhaps Google isn't your typical corporate behemoth — at least it has a sense of humor. Nothing exemplifies the drollery of the Google engineers more than the multitude of "easter eggs" scattered around the breadth of services offered by the company.
Whether it's an incredibly powerful bomb or a gigantic super-laser, nothing adds spice to a science-fiction story like the ultimate of ultimate threats: the planet killer. What else would we expect from our favorite heroes other than saving the entire world? Cliché or not, we all have our favorites, and here's our top twelve world-destroying devices along with some science behind the fiction.
This may or may not surprise you, but the Internet is home to a large number of videos documenting the violent obliteration of electronic products. The videos range from the polished and produced all the way to one-shot Jackass vérité. We scavenged the YouTubiverse for the finest in gadget carnage, giving extra points to originality and to overall asplodi-ness. Here are the Top 15.