Lighting stories

We've been waiting for the end of the light bulb for what feels like decades. Incandescent lights are little more than poisonous shatter-prone fire hazards and it's high time we trade up to something better. That something better was supposed to be CFLs, then LEDs, and then OLEDs, but now it's looking like it might be nano-engineered polymer matrices instead.
Not so hot on the heels of the Philips L-Prize bulb comes this funky piece of hardware from General Electric, which knows a thing (or two) about electricity. It's a 27 watt LED bulb that produces as much (or more) light as a 100 watt incandescent bulb, and the coolest feature is how it keeps itself, uh, cool: silent puffs of high-velocity air.
Philips was the only entry in the Department of Energy's L Prize for designing a super-efficient light bulb, so I guess it's not really surprising that the company managed to win. But, Philips did manage to meet the DoE's stringent efficient criteria with its new bulb, and the result of their efforts is officially going to be on sale as of this Sunday.