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Daily readers will know that we have a love-hate relationship with 3D and the growing availability of glasses-free 3D gadgets. While it's certainly great to not have to don dorky eyewear, 3D on glasses-free devices have a limited field of view. LG's 20-inch 3D display solves that issue with a eye-tracking.
These days if you want a scoop on the latest tech news, you need to look in some pretty unlikely places. Last week we reported on a rumor that LG's upcoming G-Slate would have a 3D screen, and now it appears that a short glimpse of the tablet in a Korean K-pop video confirms the rumor.
Why do chalkboards still even exist in classrooms? With today's amazing touchscreen surfaces, the dusty chalkboard is practically a relic. No chalkboard can compare to LG's Touch TV, an interactive multitouch 60-inch plasma that lets anyone add their own layer of content on top of the TV's.
People have been saying that OLED TVs are the wave of the future, offering up brilliant color and brightness in very thin panels that are very energy efficient. What's not to like? Well, the price, for one, with Sony's first OLED TV, the XEL-1, measured a mere 11 inches and cost over $2,000.