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It began with IBM, it continues with Lenovo. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the venerable ThinkPad lineup of computers. Lenovo is celebrating with a mish-mash of nostalgic press releases, including some material from the ThinkPad's induction to the MoMA earlier this year.
At a press event in New York today, Lenovo joked that it was the second largest PC maker that nobody's heard of, even after overtaking the silver medal from Dell in October and eyeing HP's lead. It's true, most people have no clue who Lenovo is. Some people might know that IBM sold its PC division to the Chinese company in 2005, but Lenovo's PCs and tablets can hardly be considered breakthrough or iconic. Meet the IdeaPad Yoga. Is it an Ultrabook? A giant 13.3-inch tablet? An oversized tabletop digital calendar? It's all of those and it's one of the most interesting transforming laptops we've seen in a while.