legos stories

I'm a huge fan of the life-like Lego creations that people dream up. We've giant skylines, portal guns, sci-fi scenes and a gazillion other models we all drool over. Some of them have lights to add greatness to the overall effect of the model, but there's always the same problem: how do you power those little lights?
Life on Hoth can be pretty rough. Freezing temperatures and some less than savory inhabitants make for a pretty drama-filled existence. Add Lego bricks to the mix as Vesa "Avanaut" Lehtimäki did, and the resulting Hoth action scenes are just awesome.
We all know by now that Legos can be used to create some insanely cool things — from skyscrapers to prosthetic arms. While many makers clearly go for complex designs and functionality, the beauty of this Lego "Omniboat" lies in its simplicity. It scoots across a pond on pontoons like a giant water bug.