LEGO stories

Ahh, Legos — those wonderful colored bricks, blocks and plastic pieces created by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Denmark all those moons ago that seem to inspire creativity and make the best toys ever created. Incredible as the official Lego sets (i.e. Burj Khalifa), the best creations aren't the ones that are sold in stores or sit on a bookshelf looking spectacular. Nope, the best Lego creations are the ones derived from the depths of the creative mind — the ones that function, move and work. Legos aren't just toys, they're toys that can be used to build real stuff, like printers, guitars, foosball tables and robotic Sudoku solvers. If you can dream it, you can build it with Legos. Follow us through 33 fantastic working Lego creations that do more than just look cool.
I can pretty much guarantee that this is the most impressive Lego Terminator you'll see today, and if I'm wrong, well, the world is a more wonderful place than I previously believed.