LEDs stories

The multi-purpose sport court is a tradition that goes back to elementary school P.E., when one of the most crucial lessons for any child to learn was how to differentiate the mauve lines of the badminton court from the puce lines of the volleyball court. That nightmare is now over: LED technology means that lines can now be swapped on the fly.
A bit double helix, a bit cluster of stars, this fantastic chandelier completely re-imagines the lighting fixture. This hot mess of twists and turns known as "Spiralight" was assembled with over 200 LEDs. The delightfully counterintuitive tangle of lights is the brainchild of designer Robin Carpenter.
Okay, this is really cool. For the upcoming London Design Festival, Audi has partnered with Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram to transform London's famous Trafalgar Square into "an interactive message center" called Outrace....