led lights stories

When you are looking at better ways to make something glow, what better place to look than one of nature's signature glowing critters, the firefly? Scientists in South Korea have studied the nanostructure of the firefly's glowing belly to create a more efficient lens for LEDs that allows up to 98 percent more light to pass through.
Drop dead gorgeous. Killer good looks. This new fly trap is a designer's dream and a summertime bug's worst nightmare all wrapped into one. The new designer fly trap with the glowing LED light is a little lamp that will look great on your deck, but packs a unique punch to keep the bugs away from your outdoor leisure time.
The latest addition to the theatrics you get as part of some big concert acts include not just seeing the show, but being the show courtesy of little LED wristbands that turn the crowd into a living display. While you'd think that would be the headline, apparently it's the post show antics of the wristbands that has people talking.