led lighting stories

Tax time is pretty much done so you'll have some time on your hands, right? Perfect, then you can dive into this DIY programmable LED light cube project. If you don't count watching the video of it in all its swirly action, I counted somewhere around 30 "general" steps needed to make it work.
A glowing cathedral like structure — dubbed the Luminarie De Cagna — has stopped viewers in their tracks at the recent 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium. Soaring above the street at 91 feet high and using 55,000 LEDs to light up the night sky, it's easy to see why.
In the wonderful world of body modification, it's surprising that more people aren't doing things with LEDs. These LED smiles won't demand the same commitment from you as a body mod, but they'll draw just as many looks as your teeth flash different colors.