lasers stories

Tractor beams, the sort of thing that large spaceships use to pull in smaller spaceships in sci-fi movies, are no longer in the realm of fantasy. Yes, researchers at the Australian National University have created a device that can move small particles multiple feet using only light. Wow.
Last month a Hong Kong company called Wicked Lasers got the attention of several websites (including ours) with its Arctic Spyder III laser, partly because the laser is small and powerful, but mainly because it looks a hell of a lot like a lightsaber. Well, it also caught the attention of the legal team at Lucasfim.
Normally, when you think about a laser (such as the one above) you picture beams of light, right? Well, no longer — researchers have developed what's called a "dark pulse" laser that uses non-light instead. With a sinister name like that, you'd think the dark pulse laser would be burning holes in tanks. In fact, it's amazingly benign.