Lamps stories

Tell me this little guy doesn't look a little like Deep Thought from the film version of Hitchhiker's Guide, what with that sizable melon and beady, wide-spaced eyes. The set, called "Craft System," is the work of Brooklyn-based design studio UM Project, helmed by François Chambard. It's more a gallery of quirky, cute robots that would be at home in the world of Wall-E rather than a collection of lamps. Check 'em out below.
Okay, here's something awesome you can make with a 3D printer — an "Atomic Sun" lamp. This DIY project costs about $120 and has fairly simple instructions, so if you want to do something different this weekend, check out the list of tools and supplies here.
The Yamagiwa Moonbird is a beautiful LED light designed by Yukio Hashimoto. Hand-carved from beech plywood, it shines down on your desk with 28 quarter-watt LEDs. It's beautiful and eco-friendly, but chances are good that it's ludicrously expensive. After all,...