kitchen stories

You know how you are often someplace out and about and you will suddenly need a pizza cutter, but you don't have a pizza cutter on you? it's an annoying and common problem! But don't worry, the Eatensil is here to make sure you are never without your precious utensils and also your precious pizza cutter.
It's a universal problem I'm sure we've all struggled with: dunking Oreos in milk can get the tips of your fingers wet. Oh, cruel fate, why do you torment us so?! Luckily, there's a new product out there to end years of heartbreak: the Dipr.
Sure, you probably don't decorate too many cakes. But it's not because you don't want to decorate cakes, it's just because it's kind of a pain and you aren't great at it. But if you had an Automatic Cake Decorator? Well then, you'd surely decorate at least twice as many cakes as you do now.