Kinect stories

With a sea of Ultrabooks coming out soon and Windows 8 on track for a release by the end of the year, it's time PC makers start differentiating themselves. Tobii's eye-tracking tech is really cool, and word on the block is that Asus is working to integrate Kinect sensors directly into laptops.
For as long as people have been envisioning the house of the future, it almost always features control initiated with the briefest of gestures. Now, in the name of conserving energy that vision could come true with a solar house designed to use an Xbox Kinect to switch off energy consuming devices with simple movements.
Kinect is expected to branch out into small business and banking in 2012. Now the gaming system's sensors could be adapted as a next generation weight measurement system onboard the International Space Station. It would relay data via 3D modeling, and require less space than the current equipment.