Kinect stories

Microsoft had an awesome idea: imagine if your Kinect could tell how you were feeling by analyzing your body language, or even the expression on your face. Then Microsoft took it to the inevitable, shrug-worthy conclusion: using this innovation as a better way to serve you ads.
Aside from casual time-wasters such as Fruit Ninja and dancing around in Dance Central and Just Dance, there isn't much on Kinect that's fun to play. On a platform that's catering mostly to kids, the titles targeting the "core gamers" we've heard so much about this E3 tend to fall flat. Exhibit A: Kinect Star Wars. Lucky for us all, I found The Avengers: Battle For Earth at E3, a game I believe could be the Kinect game to own this year.
It's long been every geek's dream to become a Jedi Knight and wield a lightsaber and manipulate the power of the Force to take down armies of evil-doers. A Star Wars experience that lets you literally wield a lightsaber with a clenched fist or summon up the Force by lifting up your palm has never been done before. LucasArts' Kinect Star Wars (henceforth dubbed KSW) is not your typical story-driven Star Wars game. It's not as expansive as Bioware's seminal Knights of the Old Republic or its massively multiplayer successor, Star Wars: The Old Republic or as insidious as The Force Unleashed series. It's a Kinect game, and as one, it's limited to the hardware of Kinect's sometimes-but-not-always responsive skeletal tracking. Motion gaming seemed the perfect answer to tackling the challenge of making lightsaber dueling feel more precise than any Star Wars game has ever been before, but sadly we'll have to wait a bit longer. Read on to find out why KSW falls short on being the ultimate Star Wars video game.
Welcome to the future of trying on jeans: instead of stepping into a dressing room with a pair you think will fit, you'll instead enter the fitting room of tomorrow, equipped with a ring of eight Kinect sensors. They'll see your body from every angle and, after mapping your contours in mere seconds, knows exactly what pair of pants will fit you best.