kindle stories

Sometime around the end of this year there'll be a new option for purchasing and reading ebooks: Google Editions. The search giant has indicated that it's all set to go, and is hoping to lure readers to its digital bookstore with the idea of an "open" purchasing model.
The Chinese government filters the entire internet in the country, keeping the population from reading things that speak ill against the communist government. You can't find any info the government doesn't want you to see. That is, unless you have a 3G Kindle.
We're all familiar with digitally buying music and video games — two markets that have been forever changed by digital distribution — but what about books? Well, Amazon says that not only is the new Kindle flying off of shelves, but e-book sales are quickly outpacing print.
Joining the unending parade of companies with some kind of app store is Amazon, which debuted the first app for the Kindle today — that app being Scrabble, which may have enough mainstream appeal to turn Amazon's app move into an instant success. But is it any good?
The iPad is beating the Kindle in all the ways the latter was supposed to succeed. Just look at Time Magazine's website. The end of its articles read, "The following is an abridged version of an article that appears in the July 12, 2010 print and iPad editions of TIME." That could have been you, Kindle.