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Apple may have forced Amazon to remove the option to buy books from within its Kindle App, but Amazon isn't taking it lying down; they're building a web app that could possibly replace the iOS apps altogether.
Google launched an ebook store of its own back in December, appropriately called the Google eBookstore. It's got tons of free stuff, but using it is kind of a pain on an e-reader — you download the titles to a PC first, then push them over. A new e-reader looking to compete with the cheaper Kindles and Nooks wants to change that.
Misdirection. While a magician purposely distracts you with a gratuitous flourish or chatter, the Houdini wannabe performs the sleight-of-hand unobserved. Whether on purpose or by accident, I think Amazon is performing an ingenious misdirection in the wake of the introduction of the cheap "All-New" Nook and the cheaper Kobo eReader Touch Edition ebook readers. Essentially, Amazon is engaging Barnes & Noble over how long two months is. Okay, that's probably misleading, but Amazon is managing to misdirect the conversation away from the real difference between the new Nook and the new Kobo from the old Kindle that could threaten Amazon's ebook dominance.
If you've been following the pricing of Amazon's Kindle since it was released, you know that it's gotten much cheaper very quickly. Initially launching at $350 back in early 2009, it's now down to under $150. It's followed a pretty steady pattern, one that leads it to one place: free.