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Why would you pay $100-$150 for a dedicated monochrome e-reader when you can spend the same money on a multi-functional 7-inch tablet? Apparently, a lot more people are asking that questions, which is spelling trouble for E Ink-based Kindles, Nooks and Kobos.
Amazon's helmsman Jeff Bezos took to a stage on Thursday to announce the company's refreshed Kindle lineup. While Bezos focused mostly on the tablet side of things, he did have some good news for those of us who still like to read: the front-lit Kindle Paperwhite.
Selling lots of Kindles is great for Amazon not because they want to make money selling Kindles, but because they want to make money selling Kindle books. So much so that they take a $5 loss on every cheapo Kindle sold.
Various tech blogs have received invites from Amazon for a special press conference scheduled on September 28. Our natural instincts tell us Amazon's Kindle tablet will be officially unveiled to the public at that event. Barnes & Noble's Nook Color better brace itself.