kickstarter stories

Taking pictures of birds is about to get a lot easier than frantically running after them with the biggest telephoto lens you can steal: now on Kickstarter is a remote controlled bird photo booth that lets you take spectacular bird pictures without having to work for it.
Deep down inside, we all wish we had cute and fuzzy ears that we could wiggle to express our emotions. At least, I know I do, so I assume that the rest of you do, too. Such fantasies are in the process of being realized through Kickstarter, where you can now preorder some brain-controlled movable ears.
We cover a lot of concepts, often deliberately ridiculous. Not so that they'll never exist, but to make you think: why not build "earthscrapers" that pierce deep into the Earth? We first saw the ridiculously great Ostrich Pillow last year, and now, after a successful Kickstarter, it's being made into a fully realized product.