iTV stories

Since the release of Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography, the notion that the late CEO "finally cracked" how to revolutionize the TV industry has resurfaced. The Apple TV/iTV rumors are stronger than ever, backed by powerful sources such as The New York Times. Apple rumormongers aren't expecting a Siri-powered iTV until at least 2013, but that doesn't mean artists can't start drawing up concept renders in advance to start the drool machines. Clearly drawing on inspiration from the Thunderbolt Displays, Guilherme Schasiepen's iTV concept is so Apple-like that it almost looks like a real product.
The latest rumors about the next version of Apple TV — Apple's wildly unpopular attempt to integrate the iTunes ecosystem on televisions — are in. Some say it'll be a stripped-down box running the iPhone's iOS software, while others predict an actual TV, wirelessly connected to iTunes content. Which makes more sense?