ISS stories

That tiny speck in front of the moon is the International Space Station, which is traveling nearly five miles a second relative to us Earthlings. That means French photographer Thierry Legault only had 0.55 seconds to make the shot. He got it — and got one with the sun, too (during an eclipse, no less).
It's a crazy thought, but the world's only manned space station right now — one built by the sweat of countries all the world over — is celebrating ten years of being continuously inhabited by a crew. In fact, this very day marks that milestone, and to celebrate, we've scrounged up 25 of the coolest images showing what it's like to live in orbit.
As America's space ambitions wane on a national level — NASA is currently being retooled to pursue next generation technology and not manned missions — China is looking to expand its presence in orbit. The country wants to have both crew and lab modules in space by 2020.
During his time on the International Space Station, astronaut Don Pettit captured what few of us terrestrials will ever get to see with our own eyes: the Earth from orbit. It's a breathtaking sight, and Pettit was good enough to turn his snaps into a gorgeous time-lapse.