ISS stories

On Sunday, a group of amateur astronomers in San Antonio fired a one-watt blue laser up at the ISS and scored a direct hit, a first in ISS history. And instead of getting hunted down and arrested (which is what usually happens when you shoot lasers at flying things owned by the Feds), they got a congratulatory email from an astronaut.
Lego bricks are beloved all the world over — now they have made it into orbit as part of a joint NASA-Lego educational project. The model of the International Space Station (ISS) was created while in orbit as a way of engaging children as to what it is like living and working in zero gravity.
Before the jokes start, a zero gravity washing machine is not just another government boondoggle. Spare a thought for the poor astronauts who often spend months at a time on the International Space Station (ISS). Given that space is at a premium and regular resupply is not an option, that's a lot of stinky socks and underwear.
When a Russian Progress resupply capsule crashed on the way to the ISS last month, the worry was that a design flaw could mean the grounding of the only way to get astronauts to the station. Russia has now identified the cause of the crash, and while it's not a flaw in the design, it's something almost as bad.