iron man stories

Anthony "Master" Le, who can handily boast of having the coolest homemade suit of Iron Man armor around, just added another little flair to his Mark VII armor, fashioned after Tony Stark's suit from the newly released film, The Avengers: an animating, light-up jetpack, installed with CO2 canisters to simulate hot jet stream air.
Before Tony Stark created the Iron Man Mark V Briefcase Armor, the bigger, chunkier and decidedly less sleek Mark I was his pummeling suit. One Chinese guy, Wang Xiao Kang had to have his very own Mark I, so he did what any sensible obsessed fan would do: he made one from scratch.
It happens so often in movies and TV you probably don't notice it anymore: The hero needs information, so he stands over the shoulder of the resident geek, who pulls it up on a computer screen. Or someone goes through a security checkpoint. Or a very urgent file transfer takes way longer than it should. Or a young hacker humiliates a government mainframe. And in each of those examples, we'll get a gander at a computer screen.