iPod stories

iPod speaker docks are beyond ubiquitous now. There are docks with awesome design, docks that hold books, even docks that grill your hamburgers — what does a dock need these days to stand out from the crowd? How about raw power? That's the plan from this baby from Audyssey, unveiled today.
In the U.S., "iPod" is pretty much synonymous with "MP3 player." How many people do you know who own anything else? It's the same in Japan, but times could be a-changin'. See, the iPod has finally be out-sold, and it was beat by the venerable Sony Walkman.
When a friend's son accidentally sent his iPod through the washing machine for a second time, the kind yet frustrated mom did what any caring mother would do. She bought him a new one. However, she had the replacement engraved with a gentle reminder.