iPod stories

It's not a huge surprise at this point, but it looks like we're living in the last days of the iPods Classic and Shuffle — Apple may be set to kill the two non-touch iPod models off at its iPhone event next week.
Search for your favorite musician on YouTube, and you'll probably find lots of cellphone videos where the video is actually pretty decent, but the audio is just a big distorted mess. The microphones built into most phones just can't handle the volume of a typical live concert, so last year Blue Microphones gave us the Mikey, a stereo microphone created just for the iPod. Now there's a new version which builds on the strengths of the original.
With some good tunes and and your iPod cranked up, it's easy to become oblivious to your surroundings. Just yesterday, a young New Jersey boy was tragically killed when he couldn't hear an oncoming train's horn due to his blasting iPod. Now there's an app that still lets you crank up the music, but also lets essential sounds from your environment get through.